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video installation with sound, Bridge KaDeWe, Tauentzien, Berlin
2 Jan – 31 Jan 2019

Mader Wiermann
sound: Thomas A. Troge
commissioned by SIGNA Real Estate Management, Germany

The installation on the bridge anticipates the planned demolition and rebuilding. The volume acts like a foreign body penetrating the public space and opens a virtual window into the future. Tools and machines – appearing strange at second glance – are left to themselves, working concentrated and fast. Similar to a slapstick performance possible and impossible “fittings” are tested revising the result again and again.

2x 15000AnsiLumen video projector, sound system, sync unit

Wiermann KaDeWe T1_1539
Wiermann KaDeWe N3_1478
Wiermann KaDeWe M_1893
Wiermann KaDeWe N2_1683

(de)construct - video documentation