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spatial interventions
light and media installations 
art in public space/ art in architecture 
...by means of light, new media, sound, stone/ steel/ wood, textile, …

Living in front of the mobile phone, always informed, always with one foot in the next virtual movie world - we often don’t see the world around us. With my work I’m trying to get back a bit real space – by using traditional materials but equally light, video or sound and mostly by using any kind of movement. The central subject is not the medium, it is the investigation of and the play with the mechanisms of human perception - preferably in public space, as it is real per se and open to everyone.
By not covering up, by adding a visible layer, by supporting or irritating, the given image is to be put into question. It is about making a statement/ a comment or ask a question – sometimes strange, sometimes funny, but always with responsibility for and in interaction with the context – in spatial or social terms, with traditional or new media, physical or imagined … to get an idea of what is behind the layers - or behind the art work.  


since 2014     collaboration with Holger Mader as Mader Wiermann 

2001 - 2013  collaboration with Alexander Stublic und Holger Mader as Mader Stublic Wiermann

1992-2000    studies architecture, TH Karlsruhe, Prof. Walter Nägeli, Günther Uhlig, Arno Lederer 

                                                                  guest studies HdK, Berlin 

                                                                  guest studies HfG, Karlsruhe, Prof. Daniel Libeskind 

1971                 born in Leipzig

projects - realized

2019        »Druckerei Roßberg«, ground relief at market place, Frankenberg/ Sa.

                  »comp 2019«, video projection, Apollo Pasemore pavilion, Peterlee/ Durham, UK

                  »(de)construct«, video projection, KaDeWe, Berlin

2018        »shift2«, videoinstallation, MIAT Museum, Ghent 

                 »frictions«, facade projection, Regent Street, Lumiere, London

                 »grabber«, video installation with canvas and crane, Kings Cross, Lumiere, London

                 »strangers«, video sculpture, Main Ufer, Luminale, Frankfurt/Main

2017        »data cloud«, interactive light installation for Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung, Fürth

2016        »movements«, 3 video installations, 2 programs, Autostadt, Wolfsburg

2015        »shift«, LUX Helsinki, video projection at the Porthania Building, Helsinki

                 »strike a light!«, video installation at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Forum Tower built by Renzo Piano

2014        »reflecting light«, video installation, Quadriennale Düsseldorf, Museum Kunstpalast, Ehrenhof

2012/13  »colourful«, video installation at the Bauhaus building, 16. Bauhaus-Fest, Dessau

                 »all ready made«, content design LED facade, Galeria de Arte Digital SESISP, Germany-Brazil, São Paulo

                 »mirrored«, permanent installation at the entrance, phaeno Museum, Wolfsburg, 2012/13

2010/11  »same as it never was«, interactiv facade installation, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Saarbrücken

                 »4d house«, video installation, Duisburg, Ruhrlights: Twilight Zone I, Ruhr.2010

                 »reflection«, video projection, Mülheim/Ruhr, Ruhrlights:Twilight Zone II, Ruhr.2010

                 »flowing space«, video projection, Mülheim/Ruhr, Ruhrlights:Twilight Zone II, Ruhr.2010

                 »light shapes«, video installation, Dortmund, Ruhr.2010

2009       »expanded space«, video installation, Avedøre power plant/ Avedøre Holme, UN-climate conference, LysLyd, Copenhagen

                 »in an other light«, videoinstallation, hooghuis, GLOW, Eindhoven

2008       »folded space«, video installation, Mostra SESC de Artes, SESC Pompéia, Brasilien, São Paulo

                 »fast wall«, permanent light installation, Bayerische Landespolizei, Nürnberg

                 »blending series«, light objects, e-on Zentrale, München

2007        »inner city waltz«, content design LED-facade, SPOTS Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

                 »cube«, video sound installation, Reykjavík, Island

2006       »reprojected«, first content design “Seven Screens”, Osram Zentrale, Munich 2006/07, 2009/10

                 »twists and turns«, content design LED-Media facade UNIQA Tower, Vienna

                 »cube«, Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch

2005       »yawning void«, ZKM, Karlsruhe

2004       »yawning void«, Hector Kunstpreis, Kunsthalle Mannheim

2003       »cube«, video installation, Medienturm, Steirischer Herbst, Graz

                 »needful things«, 3 objects, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

                 »But over the edges«, video object, Monitoring, 20. Kasseler Dokufilm & Videofest

2002       »But over the edges«, video object, dissimile, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, 2002/03

                 »cube«, video installation, Lothringer13, München

                 »surface city«, Video installation, plan02, Tanzschule, Cologne

2001        »cube«, video installation, ZKM, Karlsruhe


»light lines«, staircase, teaching and office building, Pöcking/ Munich, phase 2 competition, 2019

»Belfield House«, video projection, Weymouth/ Dorset, UK, draft, 2018

draft with lenticular sheets, FZI Karlsruhe, 2017

»curtain wall«, controllable curtains, Luminale Frankfurt, 2017

»IGA«, draft for the international garden exhibition Berlin2017, 2016

»Shenzhen Bay Tower«, draft of a media facade with LKL, Bonn and Berlin, 2014

invited competition, 125 years Ulmer Münster, 2013

»loong«, draft LED-media facade, invited competition for the Shanghai Tower, China, 2012

»in stone«, video installation, construction site “Marina”, draft Ruhrlights 2012/13

»in the air«, installation with fog and light, sound, Galerie M, Berlin, draft, 2011

»game changer«, dynamic lighting, invited competition, Polizeiinspektion Nuremberg, 2011

»cam«, LED-facade for the Chelsea Art Museum, draft, New York, 2008/2010

»streamer«, LED-installation, invited competion Kunst am Bau, ENBW-City, Stuttgart, 2009

»façade«, draft for a media facade, Orkuveitan, Reykjavík, Island, 2008

»water project«, invited competition, New Opera House, Oslo,Norway, 2007

transmediale.07, draft, exhibition design, Berlin, 2007

invited competition subway station Bonner Wall, Cologne, 2005

»float«, Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum, invited competition, 2003

Kunst am Bau, draft, T-Mobile Konzernzentrale, Bonn, 2003

invited competition, Zentrale der HVB, Munich, 2002

exhibition/ festival

»Negative space, Trajectories of Sculpture«, ZKM Karlsruhe, 6.4.-11.8.2019 (“cube«, VR adaption)

»Light Box. 18 aktuelle Positionen«, lightart exhibition, Kunstmuseum Celle/ Stadtkirche, 23.9.2018-17.3.2019

»SIGNAL, Lichtkunst aus der Sammlung Robert Simon«, Kunstmuseum Celle, 19.3.-13.8.2017

»Ulmer Weitblick«, 125 years Ulmer Münster, exhibition, Ulm, 2014

»Scheinwerfer, Lichtkunst in Deutschland im 21. Jhdt.«, Kunstmuseum Celle, 28.6.-5.10.2014

»digital borderland«, solo exhibition EnBW Galerie am Schiffbauerdamm, Berlin, 2012

Athens Video Festival, Greece, 2012

Mikser Festival, Belgrad, 2011

Beyond 3D Festival, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2011

»liberation of light«, Peking design week und Ghoanzou design week, China, 2011

»Urban Topologies«, Museum of Contemporary Art TAM, Beijing, China, 2010

»interaction«, Churchill Centre, Cambridge, GB, 2009

»after effects«, solo exhibition, Galerie AIC, Berlin, 2008

»fluid architectures«, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Montevideo, Amsterdam, 2008

Media facades, exhibition, Deutsches Architektur Forum, Berlin, 2007

Seoul film and video festival, 2005

KunstFilmBiennale Internationa competition, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, 2005

14. International Bochumer Videofestival, 2004

»transfer II«, art at the KfW banking group, solo exhibition, Foyer KfW-Bankengruppe, Bonn, 2004

»pole position«, group exhibition, Kunstverein Mannheim, 2004

International competition Viper, Basel, 2003

lecture/ workshop

»Architecture goes ART«, Forum für Architektur Nürnberg, 2014

international art-workshop at the Deutsch-Brasilianischen Jahr, São Paulo, 2013

»Der Architekt als Seismograph«, Symposium, Pinakotek der Moderne, München, 2010

»Urban Layers - urban spaca as a layer«, BDA Stadtsalon Berlin, 2009

»media-architecutre, models of novel interaction«, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, 2009

International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, 2002