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video projections, Prellerhaus and north side, Bauhaus Dessau
6 - 7 Sept 2013

Mader Stublic Wiermann 
16th Bauhausfest Dessau
photos: Mader Stublic Wiermann, 2013

The building‘s architecture, the stringent ensemble‘s composition and it‘s nowadays importance are contrasted by the emotionally charged element of color, which is created through light. The projected color is used like material, which mainly dynamizes the building and partially relates to, partially ignores the architecture. By dimensional offsets and twists, the color is constantly layered into possible and impossible spacial combinations, evolving a strange interplay between those spheres. Through the expressive elements the clarity of the space is complemented by movement/ speed, spontaneity and emotionality.
Both the architecture and the video exist more in a certain status than telling a story or providing information. The classic filmic element of motif or image is minimized in favor of the spacial experience. The time based medium its thus enabled to serve as building material and to become part of the city itself. The video‘s dynamic etches the surface of the building. The whole spacial experience is that of a flowing space interacting with the stream of visitors, who can perceive this „malleable“ architecture.

3 video projectors, media control unit 

wiermann colorful E_invert
wiermann colorful H02
wiermann colorful H04
wiermann colorful 7520
wiermann colorful H05
wiermann colorful H12

colorful - video documentation