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Strike a light!

video installation with sound, Forum-Tower Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
02 Oct – 02 Dec 2015

Mader Wiermann
client: IG POP
sound by Thomas Troge

As a reaction to the dimension and speed of the Potsdamer Platz the main theme is a jerky movement – which is affecting the whole building. The virtual space snaps into new constellations according to a certain rhythm. The choreographed basic sequence is running several times – with a different materiality and feel: raw concrete and smooth spheres, tiled walls and stone balls, bricks and grids structures, fabric/ knit and shadows ...

24 video projectors/ HD-players, rear projection, sound system, 5min. loop, seamless 

wiermann strike a light SK3Cl_2019
wiermann strike a light
wiermann strike a light SK.1_2019

Strike a light! - video documentation