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video content on LED steles, OSRAM Headquarter, München
Nov 2006 - Apr 2007

Mader Stublic Wiermann
„Seven Screens“, curator: Christian Schön
video: Frank Sauer

Despite of distributed screens and audience flashing by (six-lane express hightway) a continuous visual space was created by reducing the motifs to the principles of light and shadow.
The content originates from a full-scale 3d-simulation of the actual spatial situation: animated bodies are passing in front of simulated light sources and throw their shadows on computer generated steles – then re-projected on the real steles. Moreover, the spectators throw their own shadows too.
An evocative interplay of real and simulated spatiality, alternating positions of the spectators and their „real“ shadows mingling with the shadows of simulated people is thus being generated. The steles perform as interfaces of the artificial and the real.

7 steles 6m x 1,1m x 0,65m, 10mm RGB pixel grid, 770.000 daylight LEDs, double-sided, 7min. loop 

wiermann reprojected S6-588
wiermann reprojected S5-579
wiermann reprojected S2-525

reprojected - video documentation