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reflecting light

video installation with light choreography and sound, Museum Kunstpalast, Ehrenhof, Düsseldorf
05 April – 10 Aug 2014
Mader Wiermann
Sound: Thomas A. Troge
architecture/ sculpture: Wilhelm Kreis, 1926/ Arno Breker „Aurora“
client: Quadriennale Düsseldorf, IMAI Düsseldorf,
in the framework of the exhibition „The invisible force behind“, Quadriennale 2014, Düsseldorf
Curators: Renate Buschmann und Darija Simunovic

“Reflecting light” is a rear projection on the windows of the Belvedere, Museum Kunstpalast and a synchronized lighting choreography for the surroundings. The architecture with Arno Brekers sculpture on the roof top is monumental expressionistic („Aurora”, goddess of dawn).
Elements of the buildings structure and the surroundings will be transformed in virtual pictures. The simulated space in the video and the real space of the architecture respectively the surrounding will interact in the projection. In other sequences the projection separates from the existing space. The projection changes between an image and reality.

4 video projectors, 5000AnsiLumen, light choreography, sound (all synchronized) 

wiermann reflecting light NaSW1
Wiermann reflecting light smkp-na
Wiermann reflecting light Tag-6448
wiermann reflecting light Fr-Ba-2
Wiermann reflecting light D-SWdkl2
Wiermann reflecting light D-BR
Wiermann reflecting light D-SWS
Wiermann reflecting light Fr-SW-kpp
Wiermann reflecting light Prod-2

reflecting light - video documentation