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fast wall

LED light installation, Bavarian state police, Nuremberg
permanent, since 2008

Mader Stublic Wiermann
client: Bauamt, Erlangen-Nuremberg

The LED light installation covers a 30 metres concrete wall, dividing the public area from the police sector.
The construction is made of finely slit double layered steel plates, which create a fragile impression compared to the surrounding architectural volumes.
Pedestrians and the passing-by drivers experience a doubled movement of light and shadow. Firstly the light itself slowly moves in a choreography within the installation. Secondly pattern created by the double layered steel plates seem to constantly change with the ego-motion.

slit steel plates, painted, 2x 30m, mirror strips, LED line-light over the entire length, waterproof 

Wiermann fast wall 8488
Wiermann fast wall 8459
Wiermann fast wall T-081
Wiermann fast wall 9473

fast wall - video documentation