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4D house

video projection art work, Jüdisches Gemeindezentrum, Innenhafen, Duisburg
24 – 26 Sept 2010

Mader Stublic Wiermann
as part of Twilight Zone, Kulturhauptstadt RUHR.2010
curator: Söke Dinkla
architecture: Zvi Hecker, 1999
fotos: Werner Hannappel, 2010 (twilight), Mader Stublic Wiermann, 2010 (day, night)

The video is a choreography of digital abstract structures, which were created in different manners out of an interplay between light and shadow and the inherent tension of the building. The guiding principle of the video can be paraphrased with the term “friction”. Moirèes are created out of fine structures that are stacked and moved against each other, thus creating a tension field and a special kind of energy. Large-sized line/ grid combinations are interfered and set against those Moirèes.
The light structures correspond with the presence of the building – the inherent building’s dynamics is visualized on it’s surface.

tech: 7 video projectors, synchronized, media control unit 

Wiermann 4D house 2-9029e
Wiermann 4D house Hann-014
Wiermann 4D house Hann-010
Wiermann 4D house Hann-019
Wiermann 4D house Hann-022
Wiermann 4d house Tag_2009-10-28-15
Wiermann 4d house Lage-Beamer
Wiermann 4d house P2_0-01-55-21

4D house - video documentation