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folded space

video projection Torre Pompéia, SESC Pompéia, Torre Pompéia, São Paulo
08 – 18 Oct 2008

Mader Stublic Wiermann
architecture: Lina Bò Bardi, 1982
exhibition Mostra de Artes, 2008
client: SESC SP, curator: Marcello Bresanin

If architecture is wrapped in moving light thus relativized, charged, how does it maintain it's ground?
Consisting of abstract two-dimensional structures the projection creates a new layer on the building, which is "floating" over the surface and is "fractured" at its edges ...
The video is "folded" and obtains an eventful quality which allows - dependent on the viewing angle and point in time - spontaneous and unexpected spacial constellations.
“Folded space” is created as an experiment – the sculptural quality of architecture is being emphasized and exceeded by the projected layer provoking a “battle” for spatial dominance - the spectator approaching the building is drawn into this conflict.

2 video projectors, 15 000Ansi-lumens, seamless, 12min. loop 

Wiermann folded space P1_12
Wiermann folded space P3_Raster2
Wiermann folded space P1_17
Wiermann folded space P1_10
Wiermaann folded space P2_Raster2
Wiermaann folded space P1_Raster9
Wiermann folded space Tag_0039
Wiermann folded space Tag_0773
Wiermann folded space Tag_0781
Wiermann folded space Tag_0797

folded space - video documentation