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video projections, 2x3 programmes (relating to architecture, abstract), VW-, Porsche-, Audi-pavilion Autostadt, Wolfsburg
27 Nov 2015 - 06 Jan 2016

Mader Wiermann
curator: Dr. Maria Schneider 

Because of the spatially extended arrangement of the pavilions, the correlation of content and its synchronicity the installation included a large part of the Autostadt areal.
The architectural video part reacted to each specific form of the pavilion and took advantage of the given perspectives, establishing new three-dimensional, dynamic spaces. Movements and rotations as well as the integration of motives such as wind, landscapes and water modulated the architectural form and set it into motion. Through the close connection between content and building fade-in-and-fade-outs are not necessary - the video always returned to the building, the virtual layer congruently laying on the real shape.

3x 40 000 ansiLumen projectors, for each of the 3 pavilions 2x 5min. Loop

Wiermann movements Autostadt PS3
Wiermann movements Autostadt Po-G1
Wiermann movements Porsche T1
Wiermann movements Autostadt A-018
Wiermann movements Autostadt VW0333
Wiermann movements Autostadt VW0319
Wiermann movements Autostadt Por1

movements - video documentation