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video projection on screen hung from a crane on construction site
“Lumiere London”, Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross London
18 - 21 Jan 2018

Mader Wiermann
commissioned/ produced by Artichoke, London
tech: QED

An interesting aspect of any construction site and the theme of the installation is the transformation from 2D into 3D, from ideas into objects, from visions into reality. In a seemingly surreal staging strange protagonists perform strange things: focussed, fast, at night, in the air, illuminated in a peculiar way … . The processing of the original architect’s blueprints anchor the events in reality.
Due to the double movement, the ephemerality of the arrangement and a certain degree of absurdity, the "building process" seems to be possible in another way: playful and experimental … .

crane with screen 10x6m, 40 000 ansiLumen laser projektor, player

Wiermann grabber HT1_7007
Wiermann grabber HT2_7040
Wiermann grabber HT2_7044
wiermann grabber CloseUp_7100
wiermann grabber CU-7140
wiermann grabber CU-7116
Wiermann grabber 2656

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