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mirror-inverted floor cover, entrance area phaeno-Science Center, Wolfsburg
permanent , since Mai 2013

Mader Stublic Wiermann
architecture: Zaha Hadid (2006)
curator: Dr. Wolfgang Guthardt

To emphasize the main entrance of the museum with a solution that would preserve the sculptural unity of the building and at the same time establishing a clear communication we created an entrance area floor cover, holding the mirror-inverted lettering „phaeno”. The letters are lucent red fluorescenting and integrated in black mineral granulate. They mirror themselves on the inclined entrance and can be red on the glass from afar. At the same time the actual floor cover is hardly visible. The communication is mainly initiated via a „levitated“ reflection. On the one hand the intervention broaches the issue of a well known perception phenomenon. On the other hand it remains immaterial on the façade, by leaving the architecture untouched.

black natural-stone granulate, 2 kits stainless steel letters - exchangeable, coloured fluorescent foil, slip-resistant varnish

Wiermann mirrored phaeno 6982
Wiermann mirrored phaeno 7097
Wiermann mirrored phaeno 7150
Wiermann mirrored phaeno 6871
Wiermann mirrored phaeno 7166
wiermann mirrored phaeno 0194
Wiermann mirrored phaeno 6946