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video installation with sound, Museumsufer Frankfurt/ Main
18 – 23 Mar 2018

Mader Wiermann
sound by Dave Dinger
part of “Luminale”, Biennal for light art and urban design

What is behind or under the perfectly arranged and organized town scenery? What about our thoughts and fears, our humour and the dirt?
The raw and yet unshaped is breaking into the customary situation, is spreading, taking over the scenery for a moment - until strange machineries start grabbing, thus restoring order. The stone is processed and packaged, labeled, shipped and sorted - it becomes part of the system.
The installation uses cinematic means such as narration, illustration, cuts, space and time warps. However, due to its presence in real space, it‘s placed in direct alignment with the urban situation.

3 container units with rear projection, 4 projectors/ HD players, sync, sound, 6min. loop 

Wiermann strangers 24
Wiermann strangers 13
Wiermann strangers 06
Wiermann strangers 84
Wiermann strangers 0095